Pure German fruit brandies

Taunus Brand brandies are made by hand from old fruit varieties that ripen in the transition area between the Upper Rhine Graben and the southern edge of the Taunus foothills in Hesse, Germany.

Pears, plums, mirabelle plums, cherries, quinces, apples and reneklodes grow here in a climate-friendly manner. Our various distillates (called "Edelbrand" or "Schnaps" in Germany) are distilled with wood fire, married with fresh spring water. In addition to our classic, clear brandies, we also offer selected varieties with barrel maturation. 

Noble fruit brandies - an old German tradition

Taunus Brand - Schnapps made from fruit, fire and water

Rum from the Caribbean, Scotch from Scotland, Bourbon from the USA - but the distillation of brandies from fruit is an old tradition in the rural regions of Germany. In addition to the sale of table fruit, the production of juices and wines, the production of fine fruit brandies is also part of the German fruit growing culture. However, the cultivation of fruit on so-called orchards has declined sharply over the centuries. And thus also the spread of German brandies. Taunus Brand revives this old tradition.

More than forty years of experience

With honest, handmade spirits from the Hessian region of Taunus we bring this spirit back into the liquor cabinets of connoisseurs all over the world. For this, we rely on old fruit varieties, which produce excellent distillates thanks to their quality and taste.

Our spirits contain the special aroma of the corresponding type of fruit. We only use old organic fruit varieties for our brandies, which grow on our high trunks until they are fully ripe.

In order to accentuate the unmistakable character of our products even more, we developed the Taunus Brand brand in 2020 - with our own design and international sales.

Taunus Brand is sold (depending on the variety) with an alcohol content of 40-43% vol. Due to the excellent fruit, the careful fermentation and the finely tuned distillation, there is no spiciness on the palate even at this strength.

Currently we offer these fruit brandies:

Because of the storage in glass balloons, there is no coloring or flavoring from the outside in our classic brandies. However, selected brandies are also available as barrel-aged varieties. 

The sustainable production method without the use of environmentally harmful substances is controlled and certified by the German organization Bioland. This quality criterion can hardly be found anywhere else in German spirits.

Growing fanbase in den U.S.

We are pleased that the attention for this German spirit is rising sharply internationally. Especially in the United States, the fan base is growing rapidly. The always small editions of our handmade spirits are therefore quickly sold out. In addition to our annually re-fired classics, we also sell old stocks as limited special editions.  Some of these rarities have already been stored for more than twenty years. 

All our brandies are filled and numbered by hand. The requirements are well below 100 bottles per variety! Not to be compared with the production of large distilleries, whose products have already lost all form of uniqueness and character.

We would like to invite you to learn more about Taunus Brand and discover our shop on this page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail

Shipping abroad

Our American customers will find their country in the country selection. The quantities of available bottles and the shipping costs depend on the weight. The shipping time is about 3-4 weeks. If you would like to place an order in a country outside of Germany or the U.S., please contact us so that we can find out the costs and possibilities for you. 

"Take your time and enjoy our fine brandies in a relaxed atmosphere."

Jan Fischer (Founder of Taunus Brand)

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